Who is Jonathan?

I’m sure you are asking the question, “who is this guy?”!  Well, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a football fanatic. I played in High School but was more interested in coaching than playing at the next level (Not like I had the physical talent to compete anyway!). I’ve always taken an engineering mind to breaking apart and understanding football strategy and that’s what fascinated me about it.

Being my obsession ever since high school, I’ve read way more books on football offense and defense than I care to admit, as well as absorbing as much as I could from lectures and coaching videos from the greats.

In the early 2000′s I gave up coaching because I felt God leading me in a different direction. But, the coaching itch still remains and I’ve written several books on coaching football including one that was only available to Division 1 College Football coaches which had a forward by (then HBC of Florida) Steve Spurrier. As popular as football coaching is, there just isn’t much information out there from an engineering and physics point of view, and in my opinion it is sorely needed!

OUbreakdown.com is my latest way to scratch the football coaching itch. I may not have inside information into the team and I may not be able to sit in the OU football meetings, but hopefully there’s something I can add through reverse engineering the plays and studying each frame of game film to see what went wrong (or right).

I’m sure most people (i.e. NORMAL people lol) don’t want to spend hours and hours watching lectures or reading coaching articles to find out the information necessary to understand what goes on (or what SHOULD have gone on) in every individual OU play.

But, lucky for you, I’m weird enough to have done that. And I’ll try my best relate the information you need to know about each play in as easy to understand and as efficiently as possible.

I hope you enjoy and get something out of the fruits of my labor! :)