TT: Offense Breakdown (1st Q)

Our offense got into the end zone almost every time they had the ball (except when they turned it over of course). Strangely, they did it mostly by running the ball! What happened? What changed?

Offense Breakdown
(1st Q):

Cheat Sheet:

1. Riley did an amazing job with the gameplan.  He’s very good at finding the weaknesses in a team and finding ways to best use the talent at his disposal. Every week is a different challenge, and he has been really impressive rising to the challenge!

2. Samia was really good! It’s possible TT’s DE might be that bad, but Samia dominated in this game and that was a big part of our running success. He got consistent push and really opened those holes. O. Brown did pretty well, too. Everyone looked better in this game, although I wouldn’t say dominant by any stretch. No one looked terrible, and that’s a big improvement. How much of that is due to the competition is impossible to know.

The OL were able to actually make blocks on LBers instead of the LBers just avoiding them. And the OL stayed on their blocks longer which made a huge difference. You didn’t see hardly any front 7 defenders getting off of blocks the entire game!

3. We didn’t pass too often in situations where the defense could run stunts or fancy blitzes so we were able to avoid that for the most part. If our run game isn’t working and we have to pass when the defense knows we are going to pass it’s not going to be pretty. I imagine it’ll be pretty feast or famine.

4. Perine’s run blocking has improved a lot! His run blocking was phenomenal! I expect to see a lot more 2 RB formations with the two of them because of this. Perine being able to block for Mixon is scary!

5. Sam Grant went in at TE at least one play and looked really dominant in his blocking. Then again, so did Connor Knight the one play I saw him in, so it might just be the competition. But, we have really needed a really good blocking TE for goalline and short yardage situations. If Sam can be that guy, that’ll add a lot!

6. Like last week we attacked the outside quite a bit to take advantage of our speed, although not as much as last week. The LBers can’t keep up with the RB’s so it doesn’t matter if the OL can’t block them. However, vs a team with good speed at LB this won’t work (a la Texas).

7. Our RB’s are so good once they get space! If we can get them a decent hole they will dominate a game. SUPER impressive! Wow!

8. TT really liked to slant their DL a lot and Riley did such a great job taking advantage of it. He really had a good feel for what the defensive front was going to do. Slanting DL have given us trouble in the past, but if you can take advantage of it and get them out of position…you can have big runs!

9. Once again, Riley got a lot of use out of the inverted zone read where the RB attacks the outside like a sweep. Defenses will presumably figure out that they need to have the DE/OLB widen to take the RB and force the QB to pull the ball since we leave a LB in the box unblocked. The QB is really not a threat on that play.

10. Baker actually felt pressure and passed to the outlet who just happened to be a RB! That’s a first this season! Hopefully not the last!

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