TT: Breakdown of Our Running Game

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- Our OL is really good! It is the strength of our team, no doubt about it. They didn’t make hardly any mistakes and didn’t miss many blocks all game!

- Contrary to what many have been claiming, the big pass to Saunders did not change how Tech played defense. It didn’t loosen up their safeties at all. For the entire game they had the corners playing the receivers tight and the safeties involved in the run game. Because of this, that play-action pass with the two deep posts was open all game but we only ran it once. We should have taken advantage of it!

- Rip (48) played at TE and did not have a good day. He missed quite a few blocks, way more than anyone else.

- Green is REALLY GOOD! He came in for Millard and he played at FB with Rip at TE, believe it or not. Strange! But, the dude is pretty fast and can block extremely well! We should not have any let-down in blocking with him replacing Millard.

I’d like to see what he can do carrying the ball and going out for routes. He may not be as good of a ball-carrier as Millard, but he’s at least as fast (if not faster). I’d hate to lose that diamond formation play where Millard got the ball.

- Our receivers are blocking a lot better! And Josh has mostly nixed the plays where they go on routes instead of block, which means the safeties are often blocked. You’ll remember I’ve been clamoring for this since the bowl game! This is why you see more running plays of more than 10 yards.

- Finch is really good! Not only is he way faster than any of our other backs, but he is really good at following the blocks and never misses the hole. He needs to be splitting the carries with Clay and put DW at third string.

- DW is really bad at missing the hole. Sometimes his athleticism can make up for it and it looks like he made something out of nothing, but in reality he just gave up a good play to almost have a really bad one. He’s no better at making something out of nothing than Finch, but Finch never misses the hole and that’s why he gets big plays. DW is stronger than Finch, but I don’t think he’s stronger than Clay. So, DW has no advantage that I can see over the other two.

- We should have passed the run bubble more. They were basically giving it to us the entire game but we only passed it like twice. And when we do run it we need to have the inside receiver run the bubble instead of the outside receiver. It just doesn’t work right because the inside receiver can’t get to the outside of the corner on the block, thus forcing the outside receiver to have to run inside first before going back to the sideline. This gives the safety and LB enough time to get there and make the tackle. If the inside receiver runs the bubble, the outside receiver can easily seal the corner and the inside receiver just runs straight up the sideline and is already 5+ yards past the LOS before the safety and LB can get there.

- The outside zone run to the strong side of the unbalanced formation works really well! If you remember back in one of the first games of the year (vs ULM I believe) I talked about how we should be doing exactly that. Turns out I was right, as it worked really well and Josh ended up going back to it a few times! But, we still need to have the TE get an initial push on the DE before going to block the LB so that the OT can get to the outside of the DE and seal him sooner. This was an issue a couple of times and prevented a big run!

- Josh really likes the unbalanced line as most of our plays were run out of it, at times having all 5 skill players to the same side! Thankfully, Josh took my advice and quit trying to attack the weak side where we are outnumbered.

- It took the entire game, but TT finally adjusted and for the last two plays of the game they put an extra defender to the strong side of the unbalanced line. This led to an unblocked defender at the point of attack both times and is the reason we ended up having to kick a field goal to go up 8 instead of picking up a first down and running out the clock.

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TT: Why the QB Run Game Didn’t Work

I’m very glad that Josh has put the dedicated QB run game (i.e. NOT zone read) in the gameplan more. I’ve been suggesting this ever since his first game! However, even though we had 8 designed QB runs in the game, they were all basically the same play and only once was it executed correctly. Of the 7 times it was executed poorly, twice a RB missed a block, once an OLman missed a block, and all the rest of the time it was Bell who ran in the wrong spot! So half of the QB runs, the QB messed it up by missing the hole. This is not good. This is Bell’s biggest strength, so he MUST get this fixed! He has so many liabilities that he can’t afford to nullify one of his only strengths.

Breakdown of the QB Run:

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TT: The REAL Reason Our Passing Game Worked Better!

Did Bell play better this game? Believe it or not, he really didn’t (at least not by very much). But Josh had a much better gameplan, and much more in line with what I’ve been suggesting the last few weeks. That, and TT’s pass defense isn’t all that good.

In the passing plays we ran, only about half of them were executed well. Of the 9 that weren’t executed well, one was a mistake by a receiver, one was a poor play call, and 7 were because Bell either made a bad read or a poor throw.

Bell’s struggles with accuracy in longer passes (with the exception of post routes for some reason) has led him to not take chances throwing the ball unless there is a significant amount of separation from the receiver. That amount of separation will not happen versus really good defenses like TCU.

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